spring must haves: a little online spree

sometimes you just luck out online. this morning was no exception.

this society6 iphone case is something i can get behind for sure!

and these Ann Taylor flats are the closest thing i've found to replace my beloved kate spade neon flats.

and this cobalt (or moss, i cant decide!) clutch from blair ritchey is a must have!


can't wait!

kinda stoked about the shops for target...



must see: SOMM

SOMM Documentary Trailer 1 from Forgotten Man Films on Vimeo.

Can't wait for this documentary to come out! SOMM is the story of four sommeliers attempting to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test with one of the lowest pass rates in the world.
Looks beautiful, no??


my pile...

always always always on the hunt for the perfect everyday piece. fairly certain this is it. a maya brenner asymmetrical G gold necklace. pretty damn affordable for a beautiful piece that i'd wear daily. right?

that time of year...

candle season is fully upon us. whatever, fine, it's a year round thing for me. BUT, the scent of pine versions are mandatory right now. especially since i'm no where near the real scent all the way out here by the salty beach. This one looks amazing, and with a feature in Lonny Mag, I'm sure it won't be available for long.


missing my girls

This image nearly brought me to tears this morning... I'm missing you girls so very badly today. (like always)


local love - Abbot Kinney

I've been a fan of Emily over at Cupcakes + Cashmere for a few years now, and i love this colab she did with Juicy Couture - mostly because it's shot right down the block from my office. There's no shortage of love for Abbot Kinney and its supply of shops and lusted over restaurants - but it's always fun to see more!



I'm in love with this video. fashion. dance. london. 100 years of london style in 100 seconds. perfection.


You've crossed my mind a lot lately.

weight: no scale yet
gym: no
run: no
water intake: lots.
diet cokes: 0
drinks: 2 glasses rosé
cigarettes: 0
vices: fish tacos for dinner.
mood: out of shape.


I hope you all had as amazing of a holiday weekend as I did. Isn't it funny that right when you're starting to feel down, a good group of friends can remind you just how fun life is, and to keep it all in perspective. I've been kind of down lately - and when I get depressed, I put on a few lbs. which makes for a pretty vicious cycle, as feeling chubby doesn't help a gal's demeanor. Having some time with a handful of friends I've had for years (can you believe it's been 10 years brett and hal?) I realized how much I need to strike a balance in my life. Work and career advancement has been my focus for so long, I almost forgot to take care of myself. I'm hoping to bring back daily diaries, daily workouts, and even start a few new traditions. like meditation, night time bike rides, and cooking nights.
Birthday's are always my version of new years, it's when I make resolutions. So here's to 29. I'm excited to have the last year in my twenties be one where I find some internal peace and satisfaction.


i did it..

went to joshua tree! and while i havent had time to tweak my photos to be as beautiful as the original inspiration, i think i got a few good ones!

MÖBIUS from ENESS on Vimeo.



weekend trip

somehow i have got it in my head that i need an impromptu road trip this weekend... and the destination of choice? Joshua Tree. After i saw these pics over at the brick house blog, i realized i had better take the time to visit this place since i live so very close! Looks epic!


my pile...

oops! birthday prezzie to myself. a life piece! yay! can't wait fo layered fall pieces!


sunday dinner...

In an act of domesticness... a word that doesn't exist in the english dictionary, much less my own– I cooked dinner. and a good one at that! After completing 4 of the 5 of my to do's (I didn't have the time to play in the surf, sadly), I capped the evening off with a tomato/avocado/mozzerella and lime salad, and some spicy garlic shrimp - which i tweaked to include udon noodles and a bit of my favorite condiment - sriracha garlic chili sauce.
must say... i don't cook much, but when i do, I'm not half bad!


weekend to do list.

Somehow, this morning I am feeling fairly ambitious. which has led me to a list of my top 5 to do's of the weekend.

1. buy fresh flowers.
I feel like I don't treat myself to these enough, and with all the farmers markets around venice, I am sure to find some that would sit beautifully on a stack of coffee table books.

2. take my first barre method class.
I've been dying to try this workout on for size for a while, and with a quick groupon purchase, I have no excuse not to!

3. rent a surfboard.
I've taken a lesson the past couple weekends in a row - and think I might be ready to just mess around on my own for a few hours Sunday morning. It's a fun alternative to working out!

4. be a part time mixologist.
I've been dying over bar carts for a long time now - but living in such a teeny tiny space doesn't allow for one - but that doesnt have to stop me from learning the art of cocktailing. with my goal of no beer for 30 days - cocktails may be a nice break from my nightly glass of wine. (a few recipes here, here and here i'll be testing out this weekend!)

5. experHAIRment.
I need to get out of my boring hair down or up in a top knot routine and find some good in between styles!

Happy Weekend!



a few of my favorite things all jammed into one video. bulldogs, surfing... what else do you need!


NY made that shit legal

July 24th was the first day that NY legally recognized gay marriages. thank god. great news for NY folk - and congrats to a handful of friends who finally made it legal. NYMag did a very sweet fashion story on a few of the 300 some couples out and about on the big day. I'm loving every one of these mini interviews more than the next! congrats NY. you've moved our country forward, and there is no way to thank you.


candybar cross sections

i can identify a good handful of these - can you? mmm candy bars.
via GtheGentleman


dreaming of fall.

fall fashion is by far my favorite, and I just had a realization that the season shifts in LA are in my favor - i can rock fall style thru the year. jcrew is killing me with their new email blasts. coral wools, pony haired leopard prints, rolled denim. heaven.


my pile...

neon + neutrals. 100% for it. especially on this chunky wood bangle. (though it feels uber DIY, no?)



I'm no kid, but I'd kill for this even now. plus it would look beautiful in any adult home for conversation alone! still in it's concept stages (as far as i can tell) but a brilliant idea that's sure to be a money maker! good thinking, felix.


the prettiest

loving these code rings from lulu frost. though i couldn't really afford to stack too many at $440 a pop.


DARK SIDE OF THE LENS from Astray Films on Vimeo.

netflix throwback: annie hall

tonight's neflix feature.
An oldie but a goodie... Annie Hall is one of my all time favorites. Diane Keaton at her prime. (though, i'll love her in anything at any time in her career). Menswear at it's finest. ugh! plus who doesn't have an uncomfortable crush on Woody Allen? speaking of, see Midnight in Paris like.. IMMEDIATELY!


just cause i have a headache...

this image was just so appealing to me.

a poster within a poster... within a poster

Designer Marco Ugolini demonstrates the proper way to hold a poster within a poster within a poster etc. hee hee.