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sprinkles sprinkles sprinkles

Notte Sento (English subtitles) from napdan on Vimeo.

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quote of the day

"I would send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils if I knew your name and address." (best movie line ever)
- Tom Hanks/Joe Fox

iftf recommends...

If you've got a couple hours to zone out on your couch and take in the beauty of vast ice and snow covered mountains, i HIGHLY recommend checking out Encounters at the End of the World. A documentary about Antartica and the people who choose to live there, this movie really captures the oddities and ironies of the people running away from the rest of the world in order to be alone. Not to mention the genius scientists that spend their lives there discovering new species of life under a frozen tundra. The musical moments are worth the time alone.

currently inspiring me:

this insanely gorgeous nude fabric and rhinestone necklace by Candace Ang

this well-to-do ass i wish i had

an andy samburg high five...

this adorable french parisian couple...

an insanely gorgeous kitchen that makes me drool for more...

and this pretty little poster hinting at me.

1. weather
2. binge drinking
3. donuts in the morning
4. creativity lost

1. so i just want to throw out there that i hate this GD weather. like pick a mother fucking season, Minnesota. I have supported you for 26 years. always come home to you. always told people you'd be a great place to raise a family. I've waited out snowstorms that should only take place in the north fucking pole, and for what? for a shit storm you call spring? i mean look, i get it...and i hate it. i hate when i'm grumpy at the freaking coffee shop and someone says "we always forget about March... dont we?" WE? like look buddy, WE aren't friends so let's leave ME the fuck alone. I also might knife the next bitch to say "it makes us appreciate summer so much more!" MOTHER FUCKER, this state's excuse for a summer lasts less than 90 days. FUCK IT. I'M OUT!

2. binge drinking... i do it. get over it. i don't need your commentary. thanks.

3. what would Jesus do? he'd eat a donut. that's why I'm not religious. Jesus wants me fat. asshole.

4. where the shit did all my creativity go? i hope it was at least smart and got the fuck out of dodge, and by dodge i mean MN (<--Dear Zack Braff, make a new movie about MN called "garbage state," Thanks, Maddie). Anywhooch, this is my way of apologizing to my fan(s?) about the lack of creativity on my blog as of late. i have lost my edge. thus the issue from #2.

FML Funny

Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend. All of a sudden he jumped off of me, going "shit, shit!". Worried, i asked him what was wrong. He shouted "I forgot to set my TiVO!" FML

daily dee


you still give me butterflies...


currently craving:

pink panties... preferably in the form of a hanky panky. new spring undies seem like a fun distraction from life...

photo montage time: balloon love

Sense of humor, inspiration, thick skin.*
Last seen 11am Saturday morning.

If found, Please return to me ASAP.

Reward: Everlasting adoration, cheerful disposition, peanut butter cookies.

*I am guilty of being in a funk and masking it with tears, deep bottles of wine and even deeper pockets that i threw at ebay and shopbop.

And it's only Monday.


reason 3892340 i love J-Mayer

reason 3892340: he doesn't mind a short short... and he can pull off the nautical trend smashingly.

hipster or non-hipster? that is the question.

After a sunday-funday like no other (thank god its back!), i was reflecting at some of the buzzed convos i shared with a few key ladyfriends... one in specific was about the term hipster and what defined it. In some way, aren't we all hipsters? i mean, everyone loves to be a little funky or quirky, and frankly if you don't, i don't want to know you! A darling stylista i know often describes herself as hating hipsters... which i found to be quite odd as all the things i considered "hipster" were things she really fell into. The term has become so stereotyped that it's now more of a joking way to describe someone in tight pants and overly-puttied hair rocking the latest neon wayfarer-knock offs.
I still think its someone who likes things that tend to be non-mainstreamed.. but thats just me! Can't it just be another term to describe a time period in our generation? like in the same way we used to say "grunge" or "beatnik" or "punk" or "hippy"? Or maybe its just another way to help the people feel like they belong to a group (even though they'd never admit that's what they're really searching for)?

Then i found a book, which i will be ordering, that had a list about what makes you a hipster or a non-hipster. perfection. and pure comedy.


put it in writing

i wanna be friends with you, college obama!

via madamlamb



i am honestly afraid of Grimace.

1. a size 24 waist
2. hi hi hi hiiiiigh alexander wang booties
3. a XL glass of red wine
4. perfect skin
5. an entire shoe closet filled with Report Signature shoes
6. 20 piece chicken nuggets
7. diet coke IV drip
8. a manicure
9. to be playing connect 4
10. please see #3

today got crazy busy and i do not care for it. i miss you blog.

demetri martin + woodstock = checkmate movie.

so i was reading an old article about the 30 things that every woman needs, and i figured i'd better get out my old pen and paper and see what i am still missing...

1. A clutch bag - CHECK... i cant stop buying more.
2. Jewelery box - I've got an old one, but have been contemplating a new one recently. i love my necklace tree and lil boxes of jewels... but organized would be nice too.
3. Leather gloves - don't have any.
4. Wide patent belt - CHECK.
5. A good pair of tailored trousers - CHECK. but probably time to upgrade to a nice Theory pair...
6. Volumizing mascara - DAILY CHECK.
7. Silk camisole - better invest.
8. A vintage brooch - CHECK... the more the merrier.
9. Silk slippers - hmmmm i have my sherling slippers which i prefer to silk so.. CHECK.
10. An umbrella - I've been drooling over this one for ages... maybe this is a sign.
11. A beret - DER, frenchie's are the shit.
12. Little Black Dress - CHECK... another thing i cant and wont stop buying.
13. Large cohttp://www.blogger.com/img/blank.gifcktail ring - NUM. MORE! I learned this weekend that i may need to invest in a spendy, but well made one... versus my collection of F21's.
14. A sequin bolero - OHHHHH ok i need to find one... this one is pretty.
15. A diamond ring - DAILY CHECK.
16. Plain cashmere jumper - i have NO idea what this even means.
18. One plunge bra/one seamless bra - i don't do bras... so...
19. Flat black boots - CHECK. but i have suede ones and I'm thinking i need to go more equestrian vintage. blk leather. num.
20. Simple court shoes (i assume this means fashion tennis shoes - ex: chucks) - meh, i better find some goddamn chucks in my baby feet size soon!
21. A statement necklace - CHECK. or like 109837498. but i need to invest in a spendy one soon. I've earned it.
22. Jeans - stop buying jeans i cant!
23. Kirby grips (apparently british for bobby pins) - DAILY CHECK.
24. Red nail polish - MMMMMMMMMMM CHECK.
25. A blazer - CHECK... could use a nice over sized tux blazer though...
26. Winter coat - CHECK.
27. Simple swim wear - mmmmmmmm CHECK. blk bikini all the way.
28. A good hair dryer - A-GREED! CHECK.
29. Silk underwear/nightwear - mmmmm der.
30. A crisp white shirt - OH GOD YES. CHECK

cut to me rockin' the shark tooth..

weight: 125.2 (garbage)
gym: yes'm
water intake: not enough
diet cokes: 1
drinks: 0
cigarettes: 0
vices: cadburry mini chocolate eggs. fuck.
mood: oddly content.

didnt hemp necklaces and puca shells go out in 98?

and this is why i never joined a sorority.. i cant understand their language!

girl crush: emma watson

...and i love it!


today i feel: exhausted


almost as essential as a nude pump in summer, is the perfect platform wedge. these ethnic wooden ones mayyyyy be mine very very shortly...

via paris apartment

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collecting globes.

talking to you turns me on...

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*thanks for the suggestion gil.

FML Funny

Today, I went to the gym with two of my friends expecting to pay a guest fee but the cute guy working at the front desk let me in for free. On the way out after working out I started to flirt with him and he said "Don't flatter yourself, I just let you in because I'm lazy." FML

good: hipster spotting
better: hipster spotting while holding a PBR (or 3)
best: hipster spotting while holding a PBR (or 3) at the Turf Club

on the hunt for: the go-to necklace

I've always loved a good statement necklace or earring, but lately i have realized that growing older, ew, and out of my "you have to have a tiffany's necklace for everyday wear" stage i was duped into believing in college, I don't have a petite lil necklace i can throw on daily, no matter what the ensemble. I have also been mentally arguing with myself on if I'm a "gold" or "silver" person... as it tends to change daily. but, i think for every day wear, i will be going with silver... as those are my go-to stud earrings at this point (note: both options are also available in gold so i feel ok if i change my tune). I like that there is both something a bit quirky and not generic about these two, and I'm leaning towards the baby shark tooth (Awesome!), but theres something so delicate and pretty about the teardrop. They're both between 30-40 bucks so $ isn't the factor... thoughts?